George Soros Backs the Individual Right to Choose

For philanthropist and Wall Street financial expert George Soros the human rights of individuals are something he has been given an amazing chance to protect by the high level of success he has achieved in his career as a hedge fund manager; the work of George Soros has seen his Soros Fund Management brand manage assets of more than 20 billion as the founder himself has developed a personal fortune of more than $25 billion, according to Forbes. What sets George Soros apart from other wealthy donors is the lack of self promotion that is found in the work he has completed to aid groups around the world through the Open Society Foundations he established in 1984 to manage the funds Soros provides as a philanthropist. In finding a group of aides and advisors who share his world view of a liberal set of political and charitable policies, George Soros set out to place his philanthropic work in the hands of a group of experts who could carry out the work Soros wishes to see completed. Read more about George’s life story at

George Soros may be best known as a political donor, but the Hungarian born hedge fund manager has never made his way to a Democratic National Convention by the close of the 2016 version of the event. Instead, George Soros has become increasingly linked to the Open Society Foundations work that is looking to protect the human rights of individuals around the world; Soros himself has become a flag bearer for the right of the terminally ill to choose to die with a level of dignity they choose on their own timeline. For around nine years the Open Society Foundations provided a high level of financial backing for a group known as the Project on Death in America reaching a reported $45 million. In recent years the Death with Dignity National Center and the Compassion in Dying Federation of America has both been aided in their work to assist the terminally ill in dying on their own timescale. Know more about George Soros on Investopedia.

One area that George Soros believes is important is making the most of the lives of people of all genders, Discover the networks reports Soros has been a major supporter of the rights of LGBTQI individuals. One of the causes Soros has taken up for a number of years has been the rights of same sex couples to marry in a legal and responsible environment. Another area that has seen George Soros willing to work in a high profile way for the good of society is in pushing forward the cause of women to work in an equal way to their male counterparts. George Soros provided around $25 million in campaign contributions to Presidential candidate Hillary and her attempt to become the first female President, before recently appointing Dawn Fitzpatrick to as the Chief Investment Officer of the Soros Fund Management group.

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Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne is Used By Edison Research To Prove The Effectiveness of Podcast Advertising

Norman Pattiz is one man that has a solid reputation in the media industry. He is a successful media entrepreneur and businessman with over 4 decades of experience in this industry. Perhaps, when he founded Westwood One, he never thought that he would accomplish what he has today. He founded the company back in the year 1974 and worked as its CEO of the company for a period of two decades.

Under his leadership, Westwood One grew to be the most influential provider for News, Talk, entertainment and sports broadcasts. This mogul broadcasting company owned, distributed and managed The Super Bowl Winter and Olympic Games, CNN Radio, CBS News, March Madness, NFL Football, Mutual Broadcasting System and NCAA Football; just to mention a few.

In the year 2000, Norman Pattiz was appointed by President George Bush to serve in the Broadcasting Board of Governors. He was reappointed again in the year 2002 and served on the board until the year 2006.

He was responsible for overseeing the establishment of Arabic radio in the Middle East. During his time serving in the Broadcasting Board of Governors, he oversaw the establishment of radio Alhurra, an Arabic language radio with networks in the whole of the Middle East. Learn more about Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority:

Today Norman Pattiz continues to influence the broadcasting industry, leading the world’s leading podcast network, PodcastOne. He established the Podcast in the year 2012, after years of being in retirement. But, when he was introduced to Kit Gray, who had the idea of digital on demand, he never looked back.

Together, they established Launch Pad, currently known as PodcastOne. As of now, the podcast has produced over 200 podcasts that can be found on iTunes, the company website and on their app. The podcast also boasts of an audience of more than 400 million people, which translates to over 400 million impressions.

Norman Pattiz hopes that more people will be willing to advertise with his Podcast, given the exposure their brands will be getting. He has continually been preaching of the effectiveness of podcasts as an advertising channel. And, only recently was this proven to be true by a research that was conducted by Edison Research. According to the study, podcast advertising is very effective on the varying parameters. The press release can be found on PRNewswire.

Jim Tananbaum Achievements

The founder, MD, and CEO of Foresite Capital is Jim Tananbaum. The guy has over 25 years’ experience in building and investing in health care ventures. Jim uses strategic, operational, and financial tactics to build successful healthcare businesses.

Earlier in his life, he was a partner at Prospect Venture Partner II and III and Sierra Ventures – companies he helped establish their healthcare investment side. Some of his investments are Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Amira Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup, and Healtheon.

Before Foresite Capital, Jim has held leading positions at GelTex Pharmaceuticals and Theravance Inc. GelTex was able to introduce two drugs to the market for less than $80 million. Today, these drugs are generating more than $1 billion in revenue. GelTex was acquired for $1.6 billion.

Jim Tananbaum went to Yale University and graduated with a BS and B.S.E.E. He also holds an MD from Harvard Medical School and an MIT & MBA from Harvard Business School. He then got an opportunity to serve on the advisory boards to the Harvard-MIT HST program and Yale University (school of engineering.

Jim Tananbaum was ranked #52 on the Forbes Midas List of “Top Tech Investors” for three years in a row. The list recognizes the best 100 venture capitalists that make smart investments in the leading tech companies and create value for their investors. The initiative is a partnership between Forbes and TrueBridge Capital. They collect data from public resources, historical lists and direct submissions from venture capital enterprises.

About Foresite Capital

Foresite Capital is a venture capital in the healthcare space, founded in 2011. It specializes in providing support and the much-needed capital to companies with exceptional services and products in healthcare.

The company collaborates with visionary and innovative entrepreneurs to bring value and improve the quality of health care services. The firm recently named Molly He, Ph.D. a venture partner.

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Sam Tabar Stays Professional on Social Media

Many people have social media accounts and many choose to use them for things like sharing recipes, inviting friends to events and even trying to get people to think the same way that they do. While Sam Tabar does have a social media account, he uses it for business purposes. He wants to make sure that he can do what he can to provide the business aspect of life to the people who follow him.

He knows that clients are often on social media and he does what he can to make sure that everyone knows what he is doing and that he is going to provide them with the options that they need to make things better for themselves.

Thanks to the social media accounts that he has, people are able to get in contact with him and better understand the business model that he is using. It is something that has allowed him the chance to make sure that he is doing things the right way.

According to Bloomberg, for Sam Tabar, social media is just another avenue to connect with his clients. He likes to keep his social media profile as professional as possible. For Tabar, that means that he shares helpful information about businesses and even the projects that he is working on.

While you cannot expect to see something like a stick drawing with funny captions on Tabar’s social media sites, it is not unusual to see things like him making sure that he is providing people with new information about the things that he is doing.

Despite the fact that Sam Tabar does not share much about his own hobbies on social media, he still has them. When he is not working for himself or helping to build up brand new businesses to a point where they are successful, Tabar enjoys hosting events.

He likes to throw parties and other events for charities and “just because.” Another thing that Tabar enjoys doing is traveling. While he can combine that with work most of the time, he also likes to travel simply for pleasure so that he can make sure that things are going the right way.

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The Career History of Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali has always known he’d become a lawyer. For him, becoming a lawyer would enable him to offer a just service to his community. Bruno Fagali holds three Masters from the University of Sao Paulo. He has a Masters in State Law, Administrative Law, and Anticorruption. To date, he has handled some of Brazil’s biggest compliance cases.

Currently, Bruno Fagali runs his own firm, Fagali Law. His office specializes in compliance, public law, and anti-corruption. They sometimes handle election issues, if need be. His focus on anticorruption would inspire him in unimaginable ways later in life. It is inevitably what leads him to open his own practice.

After college, he got an internship at Office Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns. The firm gave him the chance to work mostly civil procedural law cases. Most of those cases involved domestic violence and family law. This knowledge would end up being invaluable at his next internships.

Within the next three years, he interned at two law firms: Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques, Law Firm and Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano, and Renault Associate Lawyers. He continued working mostly public advisory law, but he also gained experience working with regulatory law, bidding, and administrative contracts.

After becoming a lawyer in 2012, he got his first job at Radi, Calil e Associados Law. He worked there for two years before getting an opportunity to work at Nova/sb. There, he was a Corporate Integrity Manager and fought corruption.

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Wen By Chaz – Hair Care Products That Revives And Revitalizes Your Hair Like You Always Dream Of

Wen Cleansing Conditioner is one of the most famous hair care products in the market today and offers users a redefining experience of using hair care products they never experienced before. Wen Cleansing Conditioner has the qualities of a detangler, deep conditioner, conditioner, shampoo and a leave-in conditioner. It only means that you do not have to use so many products for your hairs separately, as WEN hair Cleansing Conditioner is enough to take care of it.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner was recently used a by a young fashion blogger who loves to try new hair care products in the market. She noted her experience of using Wen Cleansing Conditioner and shared it with the world on Bustle, which is an honest opinion of what she feels about the QVC advertised Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner.

She mentioned that the difference in the hairs was noticeable from the first day onwards, and by the week’s end, she noticed the hairs has started to look more moisturized and well-nourished, which is something she hasn’t experienced for years. Wen Cleansing Conditioner is not packed with the harmful chemicals like sulfate that other hair care products have, and it is what helps the Wen Cleansing Conditioner to offer natural shine and revive your hair in the long term.

Wen Hair Care products are created and developed by Chaz Dean,, one of the most popular hair stylists in Hollywood. He has many celebrities as his clients and has spent years in developing Wen line of hair care products, which offers comprehensive care for locks of any types and provides positive long-term effects.

Chaz Dean serves some of the most famous Hollywood celebrities often and has a concept based hair styling studio in Bel Air. Chaz has put in his years of experience and expertise into developing the Sephora Wen hair care products, which is visible through the results it has offered to millions of women.

Fabletics- Let’s You be You

Kate Hudson, well known actress, launched Flabletics in 2013. She has always been a workout fanatic and wanted to start a business in fashion. Hence, Flabetics a line of workout clothing that is versatile, colorful and styled for every woman.


She has succeeded in online fashion sales even competing with the 20% of fashion e-commerce that Amazon holds. She does this with a formula that lets you be an individual in your tastes along with the convenience of having a membership with a strong company. This combination of brand recognition, strong customer service and knowing what the modern day consumer values has brought her company to a $250 million dollar business in just three years.


Flabletics is using what is called reverse showrooming which means instead of customers browsing in retail stores and then shopping online for lower costs, Flabletics opened stores so that customers can browse products in person. As much as 30% – 50% of them are already members online with Flabetics and many more customers become members after browsing the brick and mortar stores. Another unique result of the stores is that when someone tries on an item it goes into their online shopping cart as well. This allows the modern consumer to make their purchase in the store at the time or online, whichever they prefer.


Flabletics has a monthly membership, if you choose to purchase a VIP membership then you can save up to 50% off of the regular pricing of items. Also, with the VIP membership outfits are chosen for you each month based on the results of the Lifestyle Quiz you can take online.


The styles and quality of Flabetics is very good. You have a wide selection of styles and colors, from solids to patterns, along with fun cutouts and sheer fabrics. As for quality, the leggings hold their shape, compression and colors. They are also thick enough that you will not have see through issues. The tops are a soft comfortable fabric.