Work From Home With Traveling Vineyard

While being a full-time, stay at home parent is rewarding in many ways, it doesn’t help to pay bills or put food on the table. As a result, many moms and dads are looking to more convenient ways to create more income. Traveling Vineyard is a great opportunity for extra income.

According to an article recently published by Bryan Harris (, Traveling Vineyards is known for helping anyone interested in establishing a career that combines the flexibility of working from home with all-encompassing training and tons of technical support. Even more exciting is the chance to not only work with what is probably already a passion (wine), but also the ability to include friends and families.


Working from home can be a great decision for many people, but it is important to think long and hard about it before just quitting an outside job. Things to mull over include *Deciding just how much more production you could accomplish if there was no commute to and from work.

*Would a more flexible work schedule be appealing to you?

*Are you self-motivated?

*Is being easily distracted an issue for you?

*Is an office/outside workplace uncomfortable?

Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide Basics

Transitioning to the world of Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide is a relatively simple process. All that is required to begin is buying a starter kit ($99) that comes with marketing materials, order forms, brochures, decanters, wine glasses and carrying bags.

In addition to the starter kit, Wine Guides also must buy two tasting sets for the first two parties/events. These sets do cost a total of $150 but that is quickly recovered when you sell 3 orders and $150 worth of merchandise at your first event or two. So basically, that is recouped very quickly and the rest is profit for your wallet. Wine guides earn between 15% and 35% commission off sales on a monthly basis.


Traveling Vineyard offers many resources to help whenever a Wine Guide needs assistance. They have a huge social media presence and there are tons of training tools that can be used, as well as the fact that everyone gets their own website when becoming a Wine Guide. (The site is free the first 3 months, then costs %15.95/month after, which is used for the maintenance of the site) The website has training videos on it and there’s also software for accounting to ensure your business is as successful as possible.

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