How Boraie Development, LLC Helped Lead the Revival of New Brunswick

New Brunswick is the center of Middlesex County and home to Rutgers Universities main campus. However, New Brunswick has still faced the same difficulties over the past 20 years that many American cities have faced: an increase in immigrant inhabitants, declining property prices, and abandonment.

But in 1975, Johnson & Johnson committed to stay in the city, renewing investors’ trust in New Brunswick’s solidity. Unlike most aged urban regions, New Brunswick started to recover in the mid-1980’s. But growth has been painfully sluggish. Even though downtown has a stake of restaurants and entertainment options, it’s still filled with low-rent retailers and old buildings.

But now, Rutgers, the New Brunswick Development Corp. (Devco), the mayor’s office, and grand private firms, like Boraie Development, LLC are redrawing the landscape of downtown New Brunswick. They’re constructed over the success of earlier urban-renewal projects, like Johnson & Johnson; Rutgers’ escalation in national standings; Millennials’ wish for transit-friendly live-work-play places to live; and potent economic incentives. Formore details visit crunchbase

In this context, Sam Boraie has developed The Aspire: A 17-floor residential unit that enhances to the quite small city’s catalog of deluxe housing. Located close to the train station with straight trip to New York, Boraie Development Vice President Wasseem Boraie compares it to some of the most fashionable housings in Manhattan. Boraie says the rental office has had an awe-inspiring response from potential tenants who value a cool design, a fitness and yoga center, a community kitchen and lounge, a 24/7 doorman, a green roof and rooftop patio and garden, and on-site parking.

According to Patch, acknowledging steady city leadership and Rutgers’ addition to the Big 10, Boraie believes New Brunswick is ready. He believes New Brunswick is far more sophisticated now and its residents want more quality of life options. This is much different than 15 years again when the area was more transient.

What’s next? Boraie plans to open his third commercial place on Albany Street. He wants to attract more tech and science firms that are interested in benefiting from being close to Rutgers.

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