Luiz Carlos Trabuco Continues To Bring Bradesco Towards Success As A New CEO Is Appointed

Earlier this month, the board of directors at Banco Bradesco SA voted for the appointment of Octavio de Lazari Junior as Bradesco’s new chief executive officer. The approval of Lazari as the new CEO means that they will be taking over the position from Luiz Carlos Trabuco in short order. At the moment, Lazari is serving as the bank’s executive vice president until he is officially given the position of CEO. However, Lazari also holds the title of president with the Bradesco Seguros Group; a title which he will continue to maintain indefinitely. The new composition of Banco Bradesco’s executive board is set to be finalized this month, in conjunction with their first meeting, and a referral to Lazari’s appointment as chief executive officer, at which time Luiz Carlos Trabuco will be permitted to hand over the responsibilities of the position, and focus his efforts solely on his duties as the chairman.

Recently, Banco Bradesco issued a statement in regards to Lazari being voted in as the bank’s new CEO. The bank issued their acknowledgment of Lazari’s personal and professional merits and the distinction with which he has served the company throughout the years. It notes, in particular, his role in maintaining Banco Bradesco’s like of continuity and renewal, as well as his service in ensuring the continued operation of Bradesco, and its continuing prominence both domestically and globally.

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Octavio de Lazari Junior
Octavio de Lazari Junior has been working under Banco Bradesco for a significant period of time. He first began his career with the prestigious bank at the young age of 15, when he joined the company as an office boy. He worked with the company through one of their offices in Sao Paulo’s Lapa district, and, after some time, he became an agency manager at that location. In 1998, Lazari was given a position in the bank’s credit department, and, eventually, as a director within the credit department. He was handed accountability for much of the company’s credit operations according to Ten years afterward, he was given directorship of the loans and finances department, and soon after, he was appointed to the executive board of directors. Last year, Lazari was made a vice president, and now he is taking on the role of CEO, taking it over after Luiz Carlos Trabuco was given the position of chairman.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco
Luiz Carlos Trabuco is currently working at Banco Bradesco as both the chairman of the board of directors, as well as chief executive officer. However, his position as CEO is being handed off to Lazari this month during the first meeting of the company’s newly elected board of directors. Luiz Carlos Trabuco had held the position of CEO since early 2009, and prior to his service as CEO, he had served with Bradesco as an executive vice president. His career with Banco Bradesco is long, spanning multiple decades, and he has brought the company significant success in his time working there. With his new position as the chairman of Banco Bradesco’s board of directors, he is set to bring them towards further success.

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