Securus Technologies Detects Unauthorized Cell Phones in Prisons

Securus Technologies offer innovative, technologically advanced communication solutions for law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. This includes both prisons and other detention centers. I know this communication system is preferred by government agencies. Their latest product is the wireless containment solution, (WCS).


The Securus, (WCS) system controls contraband cell phones found in jails and prisons. WCS monitors all cell phone activity within a confined system such as a prison, jail or other lock-down facility. I know the system continually monitors all cell phone activity, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. Securus agents watch the cell phone activity from a secure remote location.


I believe the experts at Securus Technologies know how important it is to monitor contraband cell phone activity. Incarcerated people, who have contraband cell phones are dangerous to other inmates and the public. I believe that contraband phones allow inmates to buy drugs or weapons. Using a contraband cell phone, an inmate can order a hit on an individual. Contraband cell phones endanger both prisoners, prison guards and the general public.


The wireless network used to monitor the contraband phones, is designed to the specifications required by each facility. Authorized cell phones have the ability to connect to the wireless network. The unauthorized or contraband phones cannot complete a call through the cellular network. Therefore, unauthorized cell phones are never able to complete a phone call on any monitored network.


I know that Securus Technologies provides a secure cellular network to prisons, jails and other government facilities. The secure network, allows facilities the ability to identify the areas which must be closely monitored for unauthorized activity. This ultimately provides a safe, secure environment for the employees of a prison or jail. I believe the system also protects inmates and the general public, from unscrupulous inmates planning illegal activities.


The Securus,(WCS) system stores and analyzes all the data received from unauthorized cell phones. Securus Technologies is the only authorized provider of the,(WCS) System. Securus Technologies is widely accepted as the best wireless technology used to prevent unauthorized use of cell phones.


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