Meet Jeremy Goldstein: A Talented and Hardworking Lawyer

Jeremy Goldstein is a co-owner of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, a law firm that specializes in advising CEOs, business & compensation committees, and management teams in issues regarding corporate governance as well as executive compensation. It also offers guidance on matters that come with transformative business events and sensitive issues.

Where the idea of starting JLG Associates came from

Sometimes back, Jeremy and his friends realized that there were a lot of conflicts of interests in issues regarding executive compensation. They also saw several executive compensation consulting entities break off from bigger organizations.

This made him think that there was a business opportunity in the market. After careful thinking and considering various factors, he decided to start JLG Associates.

Jeremy Goldstein likes advising people on matters related to their own careers and their own pay. Before taking a job a person should ask how the particular job will affect his or her life and family. Jeremy spends most of his time negotiating with clients, advising, and drafting documents.

Although most of the tasks he handles are time-consuming, he has to remain dedicated and available throughout. Jeremy is always careful when it comes to time management.

In order to ensure productivity, he has to reduce the number of issues to accept. He has been in this industry for about twenty years and he used to most of the problems experienced by his clients. He says it is very rare to come across a completely new issue.

Qualities that make Jeremy an effective attorney

Jeremy Goldstein likes creating a good relationship with his clients. He is aware that the better he knows his clients, the better pieces of advice he can give. He really likes developing and maintaining good rapport with his clients. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Quora

At times, he calls and speaks to people even when there are no active issues to deal with. He also likes seeing his clients in person professionally and socially.

He advises young people not to fear taking risks because some of the issues that seem like drawbacks are actually opportunities. He says that some of the occurrences he thought were worst for his life, turned to be the best for his life. It is also important to like and embrace technology.

More about Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein has a J.D. from York University. He also holds an M.A. and a B.A. from the University of Chicago and Cornell University respectively. He holds an important position at American Bar Association.

He has worked with some of the largest corporations in the country. He is one of the best compensation lawyers in America.

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Fagali Airport Facts and Safety Record in American Samoa

     The Fagali Airport is located in the American Samoa and is known for being controversial as it has been accused of being dangerous to local communities and an annoyance to the island. The noise that the air traffic generates in the region is disruptive to the local communities according to local residence, and the safety of the airstrip has been brought into question in recent months.

The Fagali airport has been operated by the government and Polynesian Airlines in the past, although the airport has gone through a process of closing and reopening due to these local controversies. According to records, the airport has never had a reported aircraft incident on its runway strip, although the noise complaints could be reason enough to permanently shut the airport down.

The benefits of having the Fagali island airstrip open to air traffic is the fact that it opens up the opportunity for shuttle services to fly to places like the Pago Pago airport. It remains unclear whether the controversy in the local communities will force the island authorities to close the airport indefinitely, but for now the airport is expected to remain open for the foreseeable future. The island is still home to great tourist attractions, and it is likely that there are enough island distractions to prevent the Fagali airport situation from becoming a front line issue.

The gorgeous outdoors of the island cannot be ruined by the sour tastes of hate and anger, especially in regards to something as unimportant as whether an airport is opened or closed.


Whitney Wolfe, an American entrepreneur, is the pioneer and Chief Executive Officer of Bumble as well as being a co-founder of Tinder, a dating app. She was born in the year 1989 in Salt Lake City in Utah to Michael and Kelly Wolfe. She chose to major in International Studies in Southern Methodist University. Whitney was just 19 years old and still in college she would sell bamboo tote bags. She would later merge with Patrick Aufdenkamp, a celebrity stylist to pioneer a non-profit organization by the name Help Us Project. He would then travel to Southeast Asia upon graduation working with various orphanages.

Whitney Wolfe then joined a company by the name Hatch Labs at the age of 22. Through this company, she participated in startup Cardify headed by Sean Rad. The undertaking was later deserted; however, Whitney Wolfe alongside Chris Gulczynski and Sean Rad joined Tinder in 2012. She got a promotion and was now the V.P of the marketing department for Tinder which she was supposedly behind the name of the application. Her inspiration for the fire logo was from the time she used small sticks (Tinder) to start a fire in the fireplace at a cabin which belonged to her father in Montana. She is commended for increasing the user base and fueling Tinder’s popularity on college campuses but left the organization in 2014 due to growing wrangles with other organization’s heads. She received over $1million from a settlement in addition to the company stock.

Whitney met Michael Herd, an entrepreneur in the gas and oil business as well as a restaurateur in Aspen during their separate family vacation on a Christmas eve in 2013. After getting engaged in Colorado, the two got married in Villa Tre Ville in the Southern part of Italy.

The Badoo founder, Andrey Andreev, contacted Whitney Wolfe concerning the creation of a dating app and they merged with Badoo taking a majority of the shares. She managed to establish Bumble, the dating application giving ladies greater control compared to the traditional apps when she shifted to Austin, Texas, in 2014 December. In just one year the app had already reached more than 15 million distinctive conversations with 80 million matches.Bumble is divided into two:- Bumble Bizz, which gives users the ability to expand their network and significant career moves and Bumble Bff where users have the chance to find and get acquainted with new people.

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Shiraz Boghani: A Valuable Resource For People Throughout The United Kingdom

Businessman Shiraz Boghani was born in Kenya. He moved to the United Kingdom in 1969 and began studying to become an accountant. He received his initial training with chartered accountants at a small firm. Boghani was then hired by Thomson McLintock & Co, now called KPMG. As he began to find his way financially, Shiraz Boghani began to look for business and investment opportunities. Healthcare jumped out as an area where there was a shortage of help and great need. In 1985 Boghani co-founded Sussex Health Care, a series of care homes for the elderly and people with mental and physical challenges.

With Boghani serving as executive chairman, Sussex Health Care has experienced tremendous growth. The company now runs 24 care homes where they provide innovative, loving services for people of all ages suffering with a wide variety of conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and a host of neurological conditions. The hospitable facility’s staff of over 1,100 licensed medical professionals also continues to provide loving care for the aged and the learning disabled. The high quality services Sussex Health Care provides has resulted in them winning numerous awards.

In the 1990s, Shiraz Bogani developed an interest in the hotel industry. He was among London’s first hoteliers to become involved with limited branded hotels. Through his vision, hard work and dedication, Boghani is now the owner and manager of 19 trading hotels all across the United Kingdom. He is also the chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group. The privately-owned hotel group is among the fastest growing in the United Kingdom. In recognition of the more than 30 years of excellent service Shiraz Boghani has invested in the hospitality industry, at the 2016 Asian Business Awards he was named ‘Hotelier of the Year‘.

In addition to his business activities, Shiraz Boghani also gives generously of his time and resources to numerous charitable causes and organizations. He does a great deal of volunteer work for and is a leader in the Ismaili community in the United Kingdom. Boghani is a major supporter of the UK registered charity the Aga Khan Foundation. He also works to help Ismaili people worldwide through the Aga Khan Development Network.

The wide variety of services Shiraz Boghani provides for people in the United Kingdom through his business activities with Sussex Health Care and the Splendid Hospitality Group, as well as his volunteer activities make him a valuable resource.

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Dick Devos – article recap

For Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy, life is about being true change makers. Mr. DeVos, who was at one time slated to become a CEO at his family’s Amway Corp, decided helping people was a better option for him, Michigan and the world. He has never stopped working to make the lives better for people in Michigan and now across the country.

One of Mr. DeVos’ biggest accomplishments happened in 1991. A plan was publically floating around Grand Rapids to build a multi-purpose convention and sports arena north of downtown. When Mr. DeVos heard this, he picked up the phone and immediately began lobbying against the plan.

Mr. DeVos worried the convention and arena plan would be detrimental to Grand Rapids’ downtown area. Both the Palace of Auburn Hills and Pontiac Silverdome had been detrimental to Detroit in the 1970s. According to Mr. DeVos, that lesson had not been lost of the people of Grand Rapids and him in particular.

Instead, Mr. DeVos championed for the sports facility to be outside the Grand Rapids’ central business district. He formed an organization called Grand Action. The organization was filled with business leaders who were over the construction of places like the DeVos Performance Hall, DeVos Place Convention Center and Van Andel Arena. Those were the handful of places credited with changing the skyline of the city.


Mr. DeVos has Spent Most of His Adult Live Attempting to Improve the Lives of Other People


Mr. and Mrs. DeVos have spent most of their lives working to improve lives of other people by changing policies and institutions. They are considered GOP mega-donors. Mr. DeVos’ political influence has been a catalyst for major change for labor and education. His wife’s influence has done the same by successfully expanding charter schools. She is now the nation’s education secretary.

Mr. DeVos has spent his time changing the 2012 law that change Michigan, his hometown, from the birthplace of organized labor to a right-to-work state. The latter does not require union membership as a condition of employment.


Mr. DeVos’ Influence Reaches Beyond Politics

Yes, Mr. DeVos works on conservative and Republican causes. In fact, he supports quite a few of them. However, he focuses on more than these causes. For instance, from 1989 to 2015, he and his wife, through their foundation, reportedly gave away about $138.7 million to various human services, churches, arts and culture and leadership programs. He’s worked to change the policies regarding charter schools. Mr. DeVos has even opened his own charter school to help low-income students. The aviation charter high school is located at Grand Rapids International Airport.


Mr. DeVos is Focus on Successes that Help People Improve their Lives


Mr. DeVos understands that philosophies do not always match the public’s philosophies. If fact, he has suffered some setbacks. In 2000, the state voters rejected the constitutional amendment backed by the DeVos to create tax-funded school vouchers. That has not stopped Mr. DeVos from working hard to improve the lives of people who need help the most.


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