Fagali Airport Facts and Safety Record in American Samoa

     The Fagali Airport is located in the American Samoa and is known for being controversial as it has been accused of being dangerous to local communities and an annoyance to the island. The noise that the air traffic generates in the region is disruptive to the local communities according to local residence, and the safety of the airstrip has been brought into question in recent months.

The Fagali airport has been operated by the government and Polynesian Airlines in the past, although the airport has gone through a process of closing and reopening due to these local controversies. According to records, the airport has never had a reported aircraft incident on its runway strip, although the noise complaints could be reason enough to permanently shut the airport down.

The benefits of having the Fagali island airstrip open to air traffic is the fact that it opens up the opportunity for shuttle services to fly to places like the Pago Pago airport. It remains unclear whether the controversy in the local communities will force the island authorities to close the airport indefinitely, but for now the airport is expected to remain open for the foreseeable future. The island is still home to great tourist attractions, and it is likely that there are enough island distractions to prevent the Fagali airport situation from becoming a front line issue.

The gorgeous outdoors of the island cannot be ruined by the sour tastes of hate and anger, especially in regards to something as unimportant as whether an airport is opened or closed.

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