Clay Siegall Co-Founds Seattle Genetics to Treat Cancer Patients

In 1998, Clay B. Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics. Clay emphasizes on the importance of alternative cancer treatments, which explains why he established the company. Clay’s objective is to develop therapy treatment for cancer patients. Dr. Clay’s leadership skills and dedication has seen Seattle Genetics enter into multiple licenses and partnerships with companies like Abbvie, Pfizer, and Genentech. In fact, the licenses have generated over $350 million for Seattle Genetics since it received the FDA approval to date. Additionally, Clay has secured over $1.2 billion through capital-raising activities, such as public and private financings including the IPO in 2001.

Clay Siegall was working with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical before co-establishing Seattle Genetics. He worked with the institute from 1991 to 1997. Clay also worked for the National Institutes of Health and National Cancer Institute. Additionally, the scientist serves on boards of various companies, such as the Washington Roundtable, Directors of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical and Alder Biopharmaceuticals. Siegall has received several awards, thanks to his hard work and dedication in the medical field, including Math and Natural Sciences and University of Maryland Alumnus of the year in 2013. Besides his medical career, Clay is a holder of 15 patents and an author of over 70 publications.

Most people will admit that the success of Seattle Genetics surprises them, and they wouldn’t mind knowing the secret. In that spirit, Clay reveals that collaborating with other players in the medical industry has played a significant role in making the biotech firm successful. Seattle Genetics works with innovators and leaders in oncology drug development. Consequently, the company’s ADC collaborators extended the reach of its technology, which allowed Seattle Genetics to place new approaches and ideas to assist patients.

According to Clay Siegall, the primary objective of Seattle Genetics is to help patients. He developed that passion after watching his father suffer during his cancer treatment. He has an aim of treating cancer patients in a better and more efficient way than before to reduce the pain that these patients go through during chemotherapy treatment. In fact, Clay admits that waking up each day to go to work has been exciting him for the last three decades.

Professor Kamil Idris Gives Expert Advice

Professor Kamil Idris is the Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization—also known as WIPO. The World Intellectual Property Organization exists because there is a big problem with intellectual property being stolen and pirated. Communications have advanced so far to the point where information can be pirated with the click of a mouse. The world has become globalized, and there is a complex array of intellectual property, ways of communication and people who are inconsiderate when it comes to properly acknowledging who came up with intellectual property.


This problem of intellectual property being misused also comes in the form of goods being counterfeited.


Two treaties—the WIPO Phonograms and Performances Treaty and the WIPO Copy Right Treaty—have been put in place to protect people’s intellectual property rights in the digital age. People who produce and put out work in digital environments need to be protected.

When it comes to using intellectual property and patents, there is a big problem. Different jurisdictions have different policies concerning patents. According to Professor Idris, this problem is remedied by the TRIPS Agreement. According to the TRIPS Agreement, both contracting parties must agree to the same policies regarding intellectual property.


Professor Idris believes that any company that chooses to do business internationally should be very careful. He feels that companies should put more focus on intellectual property. In fact, he believes that their approach should be oriented toward intellectual property.


When two companies draw up an agreement, they should both keep a close eye on the agreement. Plans should be made ahead of time of what will be done just in case complications come up. It is a good idea to have lawyers around to help with contracts.


When it comes to intellectual property, Professor Idris cannot specifically name the “best” jurisdictions because many jurisdictions are good in different ways.

Talk Fusion, An App For Business Owners

Talk Fusion has been available on the market for over ten years now. It is a leading contender in its category. The app functions primary for business purposes. The application is a marketing tool sought after by many companies. Businesses are attracted to Talk Fusion due to how it allows them to increase sales, see more profits and grow a customer base. The app boasts an ample amount of functions and features. But there is one feature that seals the deal with business owners everywhere using this app and that would be the video email feature.


Talk Fusion now has an on the go application. This apps is available for Android and Apple devices alike. By having an app that can be accessible on any type of device, makes the functions and features of Talk Fusion very easy and timely for a business owner to use.


The video email feature, their leading product, allows for business owners to create video marketing campaigns from the simplicity of their app. This feature allows for business owners to reach out to contacts both domestically and international. Using this feature to email people, grabs their attention more. When a person is captured by the video email, it causes for higher engagement rates. The more engagement a customer has with the video email message, the chance of purchase increases.


Getting started with using the app is very simple. First, you will either upload a video or record a live video. After the video is uploaded to the platform, you can choose from a template to design your video. Many features allow for a user to customize their video message. A user can even change the display name and other customizable features to make sure the message gathers the attention of the customer.


The CEO of the company mentions that Talk Fusion is not strictly for business owners. The features of the app are also intriguing for personal calls to. The app is a great way for family and friends to catch up with each other. A plus to using this app is how people cam have conversations from a variety of devices.


Talk Fusion is changing how business owners handle marketing. The app’s customizable video email tool has increased sales for so many business owners. This app will continue to be a must have marketing tool for so many companies due to its extensive features.


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Improving Puerto Rico’s HealthCare System through Rick Shinto’s Inova HealthCare

Based in New Jersey, United States of America, Inova Health Care is an institution that comes up with innovative solutions to provide value-based health care service to its clients. Through its subsidiaries across the globe, Inova Health Care has managed over 500, 000 patients and 100, 000 of them being dual-eligible beneficiaries.

One of the beneficiaries of such programs is people from Puerto Rico. Inova does this by coming together with a network of health care providers that work round the clock to ensure the people of Puerto Rico receive quality healthcare services. InnovaCare Health also provides healthcare plans to the people of Puerto Rico. The plans are all affordable and ensure the patients get the best care services even for patients with chronic illnesses.

After the Hurricane hit Puerto Rico, Inova Care put in the necessary measures to ensure that the survivors are safe and receive proper medical treatment. The firm went ahead to start a campaign known as “Caminamos Juntos” meaning We Walk Together. The campaign was founded in order to raise funds to rebuild Puerto Rico since many of the residents were in distress and lacked electricity.

In 1998, the current Chief Executive Officer and President of Inova, Rick Shinto laid the foundations of Inova Healthcare. Rick Shinto attended the University of California in Irvine and earned a bachelor’s degree. He then went ahead to join the State University of New York and earned a degree in medicine. Dr. Rick did not stop there; he then joined the University of Redlands and graduated with an MBA.

He started his career as an intern and pulmonologist in California. Throughout his career, he has worked in numerous companies that have helped in shaping his career. Aveta Incorporation, Medical Pathways Management Company, and MedPartners are some of the firms he has worked with. With over 20 years experience in the industry, Rick is also a great author of clinical medicine and healthcare.

Rick Shinto works hand in hand with a number of executives like Douglas Manton, who is the Chief Financial Officer and S.Bhasker, the Chief Information Officer. Another key figure in Inova HealthCare is Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer of the company. With 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Penelope Kokkinideshas played a key role in improving and shaping Inova HealthCare. One important thing she has done is hold meetings with President Donald Trump to talk about Healthcare services.

Penelope Kokkinides used the platform at the WhiteHouse, to talk about the importance of having a good healthcare system across Puerto Rico. She clearly explained the need for the government to provide adequate funds to healthcare service providers. She also highlighted the funding has been decreasing ever since 2011. She explained that if that does not stop, the people of Puerto Rico will start moving to the United States of America which will result in a higher cost of medical services in the US.