Victoria Doramus Believes We All Could Use A Little Love And Care

Victoria Doramus is a recovery addict who understands the challenges of life and how hard things can be. She believes getting help from others is very important. Her help is not limited to just humans. She wants to help animals as well, and that’s why she gives assistance to the Best Friends Animal Society.

What Is The Best Friends Animal Society?

The Best Friends Animal society assists animals by sparing their lives in a time where more and more animals are being killed in the shelters. They are hopeful that creating programs for the community and making partnerships all over the country will help stop the killing. Best Friends was started in 1980s when it was common practice for shelters to kill cats and dogs to rid society of homeless pets. Close to 17 million animals were killed annually and the least healthy of them all were killed first.

How Did The Society Begin?

A group of friends banded together and took some of the animals to a safe place to restore their health. With tender love and care, most of these animals found homes, while the remaining animals stayed alive, living in the new safe place. Over time, the original group of fiends started Best Friends Animal Society, which is a nonprofit firm, and animal welfare society. As per Medium, Victoria Doramus is an avid supporter of this company because of the belief that all animals deserve love, no matter what condition they are in. The end goal of the organization is to stop animal killing in America’s animal shelters.

Staying Successful

The organization has achieved a lot thus far. At all times there are at least 1600 animals getting medical treatment and proper care to make them trust again. Animals need love and care to survive just like humans do, no matter what their past was. The Best Friends Network brings together rescue groups and shelters to form adoption events, fundraising, and public education programs. With groups working together, so much more can be done than each group trying to work alone. Best Friends Animal Society is taking donations that is helping thousands of animals all over the country.

OSI Group Furthers Global Sustainability Initiatives

Outside of Chicago, Illinois, is the headquarters of the largest privately owned food company in the world worth 6.1 billion dollars in revenue according to Forbes. This holding company, who provides food for the McDonalds corporation, is named the OSI Group. Based on the name “Otto and Sons, Incorporated”, OSI Group was McDonalds early partner because of their proximity to the first Des Plaines, Illinois McDonalds location.

63rd on the Forbes list, OSI Group has operations in Europe and Asia after acquiring Baho group and Creative Foods group, in addition to K&K Foods of Taiwan. OSI is headed by CEO Sheldon Lavin, COO David McDonald, and CSO Nicole Johnson-Hoffman. David McDonald is the longest-standing member of the executive circle, while Sheldon Lavin was brought on board in 1975 and Nicole Johnson-Hoffman was brought on board within the last ten years.

The new sustainability push from the OSI Group takes the form of many different simultaneous initiatives which have resulted in many awards and accolades. Some of these efforts include repurposing wastewater, improving the living conditions of poultry and pork, better training for Animal Welfare officers, and reforestation efforts abroad to account for paper products used. The awards that OSI Group have won include the 2013, 2015, and 2016 Globe of Honour award from the British Safety Council, the California Green Business initiative, and the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award.

The European efforts serve 18 different countries in Europe through the acquisition of the Baho Group and the Creative Foods Europe group. OSI Asia controls the greater Chinese, Southeastern Asia, and pacific food markets of the world. Thanks to Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, the company is seeing tremendous improvements in sustainability which have garnished great awards that the company can be proud of and which are starting a trend for decades to come.

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The RealReal Offers People High End Items At A Bargain Price

Shopping online for high end, designer items is hit or miss. Generally, the items are not authenticated and you must rely on the honesty of the seller. However, The RealReal is one of the few consignment shops that authenticate their merchandise. Therefore, the buyer is assured of their authenticity. In addition, this online consignment shop will buy your used designer clothing and accessories too. Thousands have downloaded their app to browse their site and shop for authenticated high end products online. If you are curious and would like another way to check out their merchandise, visit their Instagram page. Here is more.

An Online Luxury Consignment Shop

The RealReal is an online luxury consignment shop filled with second hand fashions that are sure to please even the pickiest shopper. Shopping at consignment shops is a growing passion and a favorite hobby of luxury loving women that would like to save money. Check out the company’s website for the latest fashions via the free application or visit their Instagram page for some up close and personal pictures of their high end finds.

Save The Planet

Here is an idea. Save the planet by extending the life of a luxury purse, designer shoes, or other accessories. Visit The RealReal’s Instagram page and you’ll discover that people are intent on saving the planet by extending the life of their own luxury items. For example, check out the Fendi bag which people are obsessing over. You will fall in love with the pretty in pink Chanel bag with 24k gold-plated hardware or the vintage Gucci handbag in gorgeous bronze. It’s all there on The RealReal Instagram page.

The RealReal has provided an excellent platform for real people to purchase high end products that they normally would not be able to afford, all at real bargain prices.

How Rocketship Education Sets Kids Up for Success

Rocketship Education is a school different from many others. As a charter school, people can take advantage of the private-school style that allows them to enjoy smaller class sizes and individualized education. Rocketship Education knows what people need to do and knows how students can succeed based on hard work and a push in the right direction. They also know it takes a lot of work to come up with ideas to help their students. By doing all of this, they give themselves a chance to try different things. They have a lot of goals that could help them with these experiences. The school also does things differently from other schools so students can see more success. Thanks to the way they handle education, students are so much more successful.

The schools are located throughout the country, but the majority of the schools the company owns are located in California. They started there and they have most of their schools there now. The charter schools are extremely popular in the area and Rocketship Education continues performing on track with what the state expects. It’s important to note that they use comparisons that help people understand they do things similarly to other private schools. They also take a lot of time to make sure they can help others realize they’re doing things the right way so their kids know what they want to do with the business.

Even when the company first started, they decided to take a new approach to learning. They felt the need to continue helping people understand what they could do with the right education. By using their hybrid style of learning, they give students a chance to learn both online and in the classroom. Instead of focusing on one area where all students might not be able to thrive, they try different things. The lesson plans are individualized and it helps the schools make the best decisions for all their students. This approach is something new, but it’s making huge waves because of how successful it is. In fact, charter schools aren’t the only ones making the switch to this style of education.

Guilherme Paulus Investment Journey

Brazil is one of the countries with the lowest rankings on ease of doing business. The main reasons for these low rankings are mainly bureaucracy and unfavorable policies. The statistics are according to the World Bank. However, Guilherme Paulus has defiled all these odds to become of one the most successful business people in Latin America and specifically Brazil. His journey has been long and each step in the four decades journey is full of hope for the millions of young people around the world.

Guilherme Paulus was born in 1949. Like millions of Brazilian children, he had a normal upbringing. His education, however, gave him another aspect of life that would change his life. His decision to pursue business administration in campus and later an internship at IBM prepared him for the entrepreneurial takeoff. The internship was however, the reason Paulus met his first business partner– Carlos Vicente Cerchiari.

Together with Cerchiari, they founded the first company specializing in selling Brazil as an ideal tourism destination-CVC Company. Budget constraints at the beginning made the company’s operations hard. However, the duo was courage and determined enough to be persistent. CVC company has been synonymous with growth and better customer care.

Guilherme Paulus is a solution provider. Before 2009, Paulus saw the need for more resources to improve the efficiency of CVC. He had two options; borrow through either commercial institutions or selling controlling shares of the company. He opted the latter. The $750 million deal with Carlyle Group gave CVC the needed capital to expand the business. The deal however left Guilherme Paulus with only 27% of total shares. The company would later go public, and this enabled the company to raise more money.

13 years ago, Paulus moved to the hospitality industry. GJP Hotels & Resorts, which is his brainchild, was a result of Paulus seeing the need of hospitality in Brazil. With a starting capital of $600 million, the hotels have been the trendsetter in the growing hospitality industry. Just like CVC, Paulus has managed the GJP Hotels & Resorts to what is today; 3,000 rooms and more than 14 hotels.

Apart from Guilherme Paulus being a household name in the Latin America tourism sector, he believes in giving back to the Brazilian society. He has sponsored different projects in the recent past all aiming at mentorship and introducing the young Brazilians to the world of investment. Some of the projects include Dr. Klaide Care, PIET, and Alfasol-Solidarity Literacy.

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