Intense Scrutiny Goes into Every OSI Group Hamburger

As health concerns are at the forefront of people’s minds, accountability for food distributors and manufacturers is becoming increasingly important. As a result, the global restaurant chain McDonald’s set the highest standards for their primary beef provider OSI Group. McDonald’s and OSI Group gave access to a reporter of Business Insider to witness how their burgers are made firsthand.

Despite odd rumors circulating around McDonald’s hamburgers, the chain has very high standards for the beef that goes into their burgers. OSI Group adheres to these strict standards , since 90 percent of their business is from McDonald’s. According to Business Insider, OSI Group is so stringent on quality control that they do not allow plastic pens in the plant because it may accidentally end up in the meat.

To guarantee quality assurance, McDonald’s keeps extensive records of your burger from the farm to your tray. Furthermore, OSI has thorough checks at each of their processing plants, using special equipment to analyze the meat for bone fragments and other contaminates. Before the beef leaves the plant, a few beef patties from each batch are cooked and tested to make sure that they meet McDonald’s exact standards. In an effort to please their customers, McDonald’s has eliminated preservatives in the majority of their products. That being said, it makes the quality control of their products even more critical. For this reason, the meat in McDonald’s hamburgers undergoes over 40 different quality checks before it leaves the factory. To know more about the company click here.

When you buy a burger from one McDonald’s 37000 restaurants worldwide, you can feel comforted in the fact that it has undergone a number of quality control measures. Large companies like McDonald’s and OSI Group are partnering to insure the best quality products for their customers, setting a new standard. As a result, other companies will have to change their standards if they hope to compete in the market. Better quality products and the elimination of preservatives in foods will allow customers to make healthier choices, even when they decide to eat out.

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OSI Group Furthers Global Sustainability Initiatives

Outside of Chicago, Illinois, is the headquarters of the largest privately owned food company in the world worth 6.1 billion dollars in revenue according to Forbes. This holding company, who provides food for the McDonalds corporation, is named the OSI Group. Based on the name “Otto and Sons, Incorporated”, OSI Group was McDonalds early partner because of their proximity to the first Des Plaines, Illinois McDonalds location.

63rd on the Forbes list, OSI Group has operations in Europe and Asia after acquiring Baho group and Creative Foods group, in addition to K&K Foods of Taiwan. OSI is headed by CEO Sheldon Lavin, COO David McDonald, and CSO Nicole Johnson-Hoffman. David McDonald is the longest-standing member of the executive circle, while Sheldon Lavin was brought on board in 1975 and Nicole Johnson-Hoffman was brought on board within the last ten years.

The new sustainability push from the OSI Group takes the form of many different simultaneous initiatives which have resulted in many awards and accolades. Some of these efforts include repurposing wastewater, improving the living conditions of poultry and pork, better training for Animal Welfare officers, and reforestation efforts abroad to account for paper products used. The awards that OSI Group have won include the 2013, 2015, and 2016 Globe of Honour award from the British Safety Council, the California Green Business initiative, and the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award.

The European efforts serve 18 different countries in Europe through the acquisition of the Baho Group and the Creative Foods Europe group. OSI Asia controls the greater Chinese, Southeastern Asia, and pacific food markets of the world. Thanks to Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, the company is seeing tremendous improvements in sustainability which have garnished great awards that the company can be proud of and which are starting a trend for decades to come.

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OSI Food Solutions: The Premier Global Food Provider

In the food industry, a great dish or establishment as a whole starts off with great ideas. However, sometimes these ideas need professional nurturing before they can become a raging success in the industry. This is where a company like OSI Food Solutions comes into play to enhance the quality of service. The prospect of providing a better dining experience can be a daunting one, and it requires fresh and tasty ideas to maintain a proper business model and achieve lasting success. They help you to effectively source, distribute and produce quality food solutions for your business to make your dreams come true in the food industry.

Not only this, but they operate anywhere in the world and the potential is unlimited for fresh ideas to make your business skyrocket to success. There is a sharp need for professionalism in this business, and OSI Food Solutions has the process down to the letter by implementing effective culinary training, marketing strategies and unequaled food safety procedures and training which can make the difference between four and 5 stars. With an exceptional focus on menu design and the ability to create a pleasing experience for guests in a professional setting; they continually provide all business owners with unparalleled suggestions and a true genuinely hospitable environment.

Your success is what they have in mind above all other things. The quality of the food is just as important as the seemingly minuscule details of running a restaurant. Working as a professional team, they strive to find solutions for your business and tailor make each solution according to each individual’s needs. OSI Food Solutions offers food product capabilities that include the food processing of meats vegetables and fruits. The prep solutions they implement help all their clients worldwide and strengthen and preserve the integrity of businesses.

What makes them stand out in the crowd is their genuine creativity and natural knack for making a good food place a great one! Their philosophy is there is always room for improvement and striving for perfection in each situation is most important. OSI Food Solutions are on the front lines of effective sustainability of consistent quality and offer food processing and engineering capabilities that utilize technology for the benefit of clients and to enhance overall productivity and efficiency. They have won 12 medals at the 2018 world steak challenge, demonstrating their professionalism and their ability to produce quality food.

The OSI Group Conversation

OSI Industries is a meat association that was developed in 1909 in midwest, United States. It fills in as the key family worked meat shop in it’s area. They have a reputation that goes before them for their stellar customer advantage. OSI Industries is a best level overall sustenance provider for limitless associations. Working in excess of 60 special workplaces, and in excess of 16 countries, OSI has set up their quality and organization. Right when the association at first opened, it went from a close-by meat market to markdown business inside two years. In the midst of 1955 when McDonald’s restaurants exploded on the scene, OSI transformed into their basic supplier for ground meat. This was a colossal move for the association as McDonald’s would reliably grow along these lines OK.

OSI Industries has an excitement towards prosperity and security system. They’ve won different respects since they were built up. In 2011, Forbes magazine named the association as a fundamental top 200 exclusive business, obtaining yearly salary of over $3 billion. Following five years OSI bounced to top 60 on the once-over of greatest exclusive organizations in Forbes magazine, obtaining over $6 billion at this moment. The BSC perceived OSI gather at The International Safety Awards in 2018. They have vexed the sustenance taking care of industry with their inventive and earth shattering. To know more about the company click here.

Over the earlier century, OSI Industries has transformed from a corner butcher market to an overall space. The development jump forward around the 1960s conveyed the association closer with it’s assistants. This new usage of development would result in an abundance of new openings and augmentation. A lot of their workplaces today are focused on specific associations they are in relationship with. OSI total has gotten numerous critical sustenance scattering associations throughout the latest an extended period of time. In the later years, the association has stretched out from meat-just organization and now has diverse solutions for their business endeavors.