Besty DeVos and Florida

Betsy DeVos is a conservative Christian from Detroit, Michigan who is now the United States’ Education Secretary. She is known for her support of charter schools and school vouchers. She is a known longtime ally of Jeb Bush, Florida’s former governor.


Her family has close ties to the state of Florida, also. Her husband is the heir to the Amway fortune and owns a home in Florida. A variety of other relatives of her husband also own homes in Florida. Her father-in-law brought the Orlando Magic basketball in 1991. The DeVos family still owns it today.


With this information it is no surprise, she headed to Florida, recently, to look at what she considers to be the national model for school choice.


While visiting Florida, she visited CARE Elementary School. This school was previously called the Christian Academy for Reaching Excellence. CARE is included in the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program.


This program gives tax incentives to those people who donate to organizations which provide scholarships for private or religious school tuition. During this same visit to Florida, DeVos also visited the SLAM Charter School.


SLAM stands for sports leadership and management. This charter school helps students in grades 6th through 12th. The singer, Pitbull, has opened a wide array of charter schools in the Miami, Florida area. Mater Academy is a nonprofit that operates charter schools in Florida.


SLAM and other specific charter schools are in this network that is managed by a for-profit company named Academica. In 2016, this network was named one of the largest charter school management firms in the state of Florida.


Academica was founded by Fernando Zulueta who is the brother-in-law of former Florida state legislator, Erik Fresen. Fresen recently stopped being the chair for the state House education budget subcommittee.


Over the past few years, charter schools in Florida have received a proportionally higher share of the state’s capital funding. These schools have fewer students than the traditional school but receive more money.


Many individuals believe this funding comes from Fresen’s support of online virtual charter schools and other aspects of the charter school industry including schools like SLAM. In a recent round of grades assigned to schools based on test scores and other criteria set by the state of Florida, SLAM received a C.


Pitbull’s connection to charter schools in Florida has made the world outside of Florida take notice. These individuals include Besty DeVos and John Oliver.


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End Citizens United PAC Looking Forward to Making its Name a Reality

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is committed to campaigning for finance change and seeks to become a major player in political and law matters. The association has been channeling millions of dollars to candidates running for various political seats, and to date, it has donated more than $4 million and is looking forward to collecting approximately $35 Million. Some time back, End Citizens United (ECU) announced its first round of house backings for the 2018 cycle. The summary consolidates 19 champions of finance changes across more than 11 states. As indicated earlier, the primary endorsement will empower ECU to interface those candidates with its over 3 million grassroots members and conduct supporting activities to raise funds as a fundamental campaign factor.


Over the recent past, the group announced its plan to raise $35 million in the 2018 cycle, absolutely via small-dollar donations. At least, four million dollars is anticipated to be given by 100,000 supporters within the Q1 of the year. As per the report, the 2018 pull will go past $25 million donated for 2016 elections. ECU was the third greatest Federal PAC in the 2016 cycle with more than 3 million people and 330,000 supporters.


If the End Citizens United achieves the objective, it will be a great success from the earlier amount of $25 million in the 2016 race. Around 100,000 individuals gave their donations to the PAC in the last quarter of that year. As indicated by Tiffany Muller, the President and Executive Director of PAC, 40,000 individuals contributed for the first time. The team’s pioneer added that their goal was to choose various political representatives.


The political action committee operates as a custom PAC and doesn’t collect contributions that are over $500,000 from an individual donor. Notwithstanding the donation cap, the fundraising of the group in 2016 helped in vaulting the top positions of democratic aligned groups by supporting their previous events. As indicated by the ECU representative, Adam Bozzi, the gathering has built up more connections with the campaign-financing teams.


The political action consultative team is committed to campaigning for changes in financing while becoming the key player in the country’s political affairs. Even as there have been distinctive PACs that focus on campaign subsidize changes, the ECU representative indicated that the group is much different as it deals directly with the political members and chooses representatives who can bring about the change of laws as recommended by the ECU.


That entails supporting candidates who are ready to do a campaign for the fund change policy and who can face the Citizens United (opponent group), including fighting for its members who are threatened by the opposing group. More so, ECU looks forward to setting up a self-governing spending arm this year to monetarily bolster their applicants through various activities that incorporate television adverts, direct mail, and through polling.