A Smart Decision of Acquisition

When Securus Technologies was first created it did not exactly know what niche to meet in the business world. Eventually, they chose to focus their attention on the penal system, supporting not only government workers but also inmates who were serving time in jails and prisons. In order to meet these special needs, Securus Technologies created a suite of different communications and security programs that could benefit both sides of the bars. Their most popular system is a video chat interface that inmates can access on their mobile devices. The system is easy to set up and learn and has become an essential part of their lives. Instead of having to wait for long periods of time to see their family members and loved ones during normal visitation hours they can instead bypass security checks and waiting periods and immediately see and talk to them. This is a wonderful product, but with the continual levels of support and upgrades, there is a fee that is charged per month. Many Securus customers are delinquent on payments or find it hard to make their monthly bill on time.


In order to battle this payment issue, Securus Technologies recently made the decision to acquire the online financial company GovPayNet. This company specializes in different payment options for clients. Instead of just offering a credit card or a bank account as a payment option, for example, customers would have the ability to use pre-paid credit cards, PayPal and other sources of payment other than the norm. This is a great option as not many Securus customers have functional bank accounts or the credit line to receive a credit card.


For more information on this exciting company merger please visit the following link. You will not be sorry that you did: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-technologies-inc-to-acquire-jpay-inc-300065531.html


A Watchful Eye All Around The Clock

Manpower is a valuable resource, but it’s also limited.


What the power of human hands accomplish is expanding when we put technology into the equation. This couldn’t more truer for the world of security. There’s a watchful eye in many areas of the private industry that we don’t see.


These are helping hands who work in the private industry. Securus is a leading security and technology agency that helps to keep criminals at bay. What you don’t see, the agency can pick up and inform you of.



The Only Way To Securus


Securus Technologies operates with over 2,600 different agencies within the United States. This allows the firm to access a wide selection of information points about the whereabouts of personnel and other factors to peak security with. The process of security differs when technology is brought into the equation.


This is why the agency holds so many contracts with U.S. facilities in the private sector. Securus Technologies uses the latest in electronic equipment to catch voice recognition, to automate facility features and to provide the right management team who overview safety policies and ensures that they are being followed.



The Endless Contracts And Innovations Made


Innovation brought the Securus agency into its platform. The potential dangers of criminal activity require that the world’s leaders in security change their approach and to accommodate growing illegal activities.


The Securus Technologies encompasses this entire process. The difficulty of being a lead firm in private sector security is in keeping up with criminals. The 2,600 plus contracts held by Securus company is clear proof of the agency’s effectiveness.


It leads the U.S. market and sets the standard for agencies worldwide.