Neurocore Aims To Treat Clinical Depression and ADHD Using Neurotherapy

Founded in 2004, Neurocore became in quick fashion an authority in regards to applied neuroscience, applying the knowledge of EEG technology, neurofeedback and brain mapping in order to improve mental acuity of their patients and treat disorders such as anxiety, depression, ASD and ADHD. Despite the rich history of neurotherapeutic application, they have only recently started to be available to the public at large.

Clinical depression is a major disorder which, according to a study conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health in 2016, affects 10 million adults in the US. The causes are not fully known, but many factors are to be taken into consideration, such as genetics, hormone and brain chemistry. The traditional treatments include psychotherapy and antidepressants.

Neurocore, using the information and research about neurotherapy, are currently offering a Medication-Free Depression Treatment Program. The program uses neurofeedback in order to train the patient’s brain in order to overcome the severity that the symptoms of depression have, and in some cases to overcome the disorder completely. The therapy they offer starts with a brain assessment, which is done by using the qEEG brainwave mapping technology. 292 clients completed the 30-session program that Neurocore offers, and 84% experienced a reduction of their depressive symptoms, while 51% did not meet the symptomatic threshold of depression anymore.

Another major disorder that Neurocore aims to treat using neurotherapy is ADHD. A common disorder for children, but one that can last until adulthood. ADHD can be Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulse Presentation, Predominantly Inattentive Presentation, or a combination of the two. It usually manifests through hyperactivity, inattentiveness and impulsiveness. The effects of neurofeedback on the ADHD disorder have been documented ever since 1976, when J.F. Lubar managed to improve a child’s hyperactivity and distractibility.

Out of thousands of children that suffer from ADHD and used Neurocore’s program, 85% of them noticed a reduction of the symptoms, and 53% of them are no longer meeting the symptomatic threshold of the disorder. ADHD can be linked to poor sleep quality, anxiety, and a learning disability, among others. As a result Neurocore focuses on finding the root of the attention problems by using qEEG technology


Talk Fusion, An App For Business Owners

Talk Fusion has been available on the market for over ten years now. It is a leading contender in its category. The app functions primary for business purposes. The application is a marketing tool sought after by many companies. Businesses are attracted to Talk Fusion due to how it allows them to increase sales, see more profits and grow a customer base. The app boasts an ample amount of functions and features. But there is one feature that seals the deal with business owners everywhere using this app and that would be the video email feature.


Talk Fusion now has an on the go application. This apps is available for Android and Apple devices alike. By having an app that can be accessible on any type of device, makes the functions and features of Talk Fusion very easy and timely for a business owner to use.


The video email feature, their leading product, allows for business owners to create video marketing campaigns from the simplicity of their app. This feature allows for business owners to reach out to contacts both domestically and international. Using this feature to email people, grabs their attention more. When a person is captured by the video email, it causes for higher engagement rates. The more engagement a customer has with the video email message, the chance of purchase increases.


Getting started with using the app is very simple. First, you will either upload a video or record a live video. After the video is uploaded to the platform, you can choose from a template to design your video. Many features allow for a user to customize their video message. A user can even change the display name and other customizable features to make sure the message gathers the attention of the customer.


The CEO of the company mentions that Talk Fusion is not strictly for business owners. The features of the app are also intriguing for personal calls to. The app is a great way for family and friends to catch up with each other. A plus to using this app is how people cam have conversations from a variety of devices.


Talk Fusion is changing how business owners handle marketing. The app’s customizable video email tool has increased sales for so many business owners. This app will continue to be a must have marketing tool for so many companies due to its extensive features.


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Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Bob Reina, leads Talk Fusion to the TOP of the Video Communication Industry Worldwide in a Decade

Bob Reina is an extraordinary entrepreneur who founded Talk Fusion in 2007, and as CEO he has developed the one-product company into the high-tech video marketing company that it is today. He has achieved global recognition and success using a direct sales approach and has become one of the Top Video Communication companies worldwide.


During the past decade, Reina has incorporated his innovative visions and passion, and together with his charismatic leadership is a leader in the video industry.


The team at Talk Fusion provides an incredible package called the All-in-One Solution, which includes the Video Email, Video Chat, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-ups, and an evaluation program for your business all in one package for residential or commercial use.Learn more :


In 2017, Bob Reina introduced a Free 30-day Trial with the All-in-One Package that is available on their website with no credit card information required.


Bob Reina has a passion for helping people, both inside Talk Fusion and out. His strong commitment to giving back is evidenced in his support to charities in Tampa, where Talk Fusion is located, and around the world.Learn more :


Inspirery recently interviewed Mr. Reina and obtained some very relevant answers to their questions. Bob Reina first learned about networking marketing as a policeman, and then, in 2004, he tried to send a 10-second video through AOL and he couldn’t. He figured this was his opportunity to create his niche in direct-selling, so he and an IT friend, Dr. Jonathan Chen, created Video Email, which rapidly circled the globe. Mr. Reina replied to his success, saying “It was the right product at the right time.”


Reina has a vision for success, so as the years went by, he has improved the products, adding more to the package and bringing excellence to those that were already out. He was also busy using his business skills to bring the growing network business to the forefront.